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Apricomens 杏月 year 38, cycle 78
April 2021
delete iconadd icon9 days since the start of the Cold Food Festival
Xin-chou (牛 Ox)年, Apricomens 杏月, 22日 (星期六) (
Saturday April 3, 2021 (4/3/2021)
Method: 1 day before
Length: 3 days
Period: 1 year

The Cold Food Festival or Hanshi Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated for three consecutive days starting the day before the Qingming Festival in the Chinese Calendar, which falls on the 105th day after dongzhi (April 5 by the Gregorian calendar, except in leap years). It is celebrated in China as well as the nearby nations of Korea and Vietnam. At this time of year, the sky becomes clearer and buds sprout in the field. Farmers sow various seeds and supply water to their rice paddies.

Legend has it that Chong'er (重耳), a prince of Jin, endured many hardships while he fled around the warring states. Once, in order to help the prince who was tormented by hunger, Jiè Zhītuī (介之推 or Jiè Zǐtuī, 介子推) cut off the flesh from his thigh and offered it to the prince for sustenance.

Peacimens 桃月 year 39, cycle 78
April 2022
delete iconadd icon358 days until the Cold Food Festival
Ren-yin (虎 Tiger)年, Peacimens 桃月, 4日 (星期一) (
Monday April 4, 2022 (4/4/2022)
Apricomens 杏月 (leap) year 40, cycle 78
April 2023
delete iconadd icon723 days until the Cold Food Festival
Gui-mao (兔 Hare)年, Apricomens 杏月 (leap), 14日 (星期二) (
Tuesday April 4, 2023 (4/4/2023)
Apricomens 杏月 year 41, cycle 78
April 2024
delete iconadd icon1088 days until the Cold Food Festival
Jia-chen (龍 Dragon)年, Apricomens 杏月, 25日 (星期三) (
Wednesday April 3, 2024 (4/3/2024)
Peacimens 桃月 year 42, cycle 78
April 2025
delete iconadd icon1453 days until the Cold Food Festival
Yi-si (蛇 Snake)年, Peacimens 桃月, 6日 (星期四) (
Thursday April 3, 2025 (4/3/2025)
Apricomens 杏月 year 43, cycle 78
April 2026
delete iconadd icon1819 days until the Cold Food Festival
Bing-wu (馬 Horse)年, Apricomens 杏月, 17日 (星期六) (
Saturday April 4, 2026 (4/4/2026)
Apricomens 杏月 year 44, cycle 78
April 2027
delete iconadd icon2184 days until the Cold Food Festival
Ding-wei (羊 Sheep)年, Apricomens 杏月, 28日 (星期日) (
Sunday April 4, 2027 (4/4/2027)
Peacimens 桃月 year 45, cycle 78
April 2028
delete iconadd icon2549 days until the Cold Food Festival
Wu-shen (猴 Monkey)年, Peacimens 桃月, 9日 (星期一) (
Monday April 3, 2028 (4/3/2028)
Apricomens 杏月 year 46, cycle 78
April 2029
delete iconadd icon2914 days until the Cold Food Festival
Ji-you (雞 Fowl)年, Apricomens 杏月, 20日 (星期二) (
Tuesday April 3, 2029 (4/3/2029)
Peacimens 桃月 year 47, cycle 78
April 2030
delete iconadd icon3280 days until the Cold Food Festival
Geng-xu (狗 Dog)年, Peacimens 桃月, 2日 (星期四) (
Thursday April 4, 2030 (4/4/2030)

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