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August 2021
Sunday August 15, 2021 (8/15/2021)
Method: August 15th on Gregorian calendar
Length: 1 day
Period: 1 year

The Independence Day of India is celebrated on the fifteenth of August to commemorate its independence from British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation in 1947.[1] The day is a national holiday in India. All over the country, flag-hoisting ceremonies are conducted by the local administration in attendance. The main event takes place in Delhi, the capital city of India, where the Prime Minister hoists the national flag at the Red Fort and delivers a nationally televised speech from its ramparts. In his speech, he highlights the achievements of his government during the past year, raises important issues and gives a call for further development. The Prime Minister also pays his tribute to leaders of the freedom struggle.

In 1946 the Labour government in Britain, its exchequer exhausted by the recently concluded World War II, and conscious that it had neither the mandate at home, the international support, nor the reliability of native forces for continuing to control an increasingly restless India,[2][3] decided to end British rule of India, and in early 1947 Britain announced its intention of transferring power no later than June 1948.

August 2022
Monday August 15, 2022 (8/15/2022)
August 2023
Tuesday August 15, 2023 (8/15/2023)
August 2024
delete iconadd icon1213 days until Independence Day (India)
Thursday August 15, 2024 (8/15/2024)
August 2025
delete iconadd icon1578 days until Independence Day (India)
Friday August 15, 2025 (8/15/2025)
August 2026
delete iconadd icon1943 days until Independence Day (India)
Saturday August 15, 2026 (8/15/2026)
August 2027
delete iconadd icon2308 days until Independence Day (India)
Sunday August 15, 2027 (8/15/2027)
August 2028
delete iconadd icon2674 days until Independence Day (India)
Tuesday August 15, 2028 (8/15/2028)
August 2029
delete iconadd icon3039 days until Independence Day (India)
Wednesday August 15, 2029 (8/15/2029)
August 2030
delete iconadd icon3404 days until Independence Day (India)
Thursday August 15, 2030 (8/15/2030)

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