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September 2029
Bhadrapada 2086
delete iconadd icon3269 days until Paryushana
Thursday September 13, 2029 (9/13/2029) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:32 am)
Thursday Bhadrapada 6, 2086 (6/6/2086)
Method: Bhadrapada 5th on Hindu Lunar calendar
Notes: [Bhadrapada Shukla (bright phase) panchami (5th)]
Length: 70 days
Period: 1 year

Paryushana (or Paryusan) is one of the two most important festivals for the Jains, the other being Diwali. Normally Svetambara Jains refer it as Paryushana, while Digambara Jains refer it as Daslakshana. Paryushan means, literally, "abiding" or "coming together". It is also a time when the laity take on vows of study and fasting with a spiritual intensity similar to temporary monasticism.[1][2] The duration of Paryusana is for 8 or 10 days and comes at the time when the wandering monks take up temporary residence for four months of monsoon. In popular terminology, this stay is termed chaturmasa because the rainy season is regarded to be about four months. For this minimum duration, Paryushana must be initiated by Panchami (fifth day) of the Shukla Paksha phase of the Bhadrapada month. In the scriptures it is described that Lord Mahavira used to start Paryushana on Bhadrapada pak sha panchami. After Mahavir, nearly 150 years Jain Samvatsari was shifted to Chaturthi (4th day of Bhadrapada of Shukla phase. Since 2200 years Jains follows Chaturthi.

The date for the Paryushana festival is thus Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi for both major sects. Because of computational and other differences, there can be some minor differences among various subsects. Recently there has been an attempt to standardize the date. Because at this time the monks have settled in the town for a longer duration, it is time for the householders to have an annual renewal of the faith by listening to the statement of the Dharma and by meditation and vratas (self-control). In the Digambaras, it is done by starting a 10-day period from Paryushana (Bhadrapada Shukla panchami) during which the dashalakshana vrata is undertaken. In the Shvetambaras an 8-day festival is celebrated that ends with Bhadrapada Shukla chaturthi. The last day is called Samvatsari, short for Samvatsari Pratikramana.

September 2030
Bhadrapada 2087
delete iconadd icon3623 days until Paryushana
Monday September 2, 2030 (9/2/2030) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:14 am)
Monday Bhadrapada 5, 2087 (6/5/2087)
September 2031
Bhadrapada 2088
delete iconadd icon4007 days until Paryushana
Sunday September 21, 2031 (9/21/2031) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:44 am)
Sunday Bhadrapada 5, 2088 (6/5/2088)
September 2032
Bhadrapada 2089
delete iconadd icon4362 days until Paryushana
Friday September 10, 2032 (9/10/2032) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:28 am)
Friday Bhadrapada 5, 2089 (6/5/2089)
August 2033
Bhadrapada 2090
delete iconadd icon4716 days until Paryushana
Tuesday August 30, 2033 (8/30/2033) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:10 am)
Tuesday Bhadrapada 5, 2090 (6/5/2090)
September 2034
Bhadrapada 2091
delete iconadd icon5099 days until Paryushana
Sunday September 17, 2034 (9/17/2034) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:38 am)
Sunday Bhadrapada 5, 2091 (6/5/2091)
September 2035
Bhadrapada 2092
delete iconadd icon5453 days until Paryushana
Thursday September 6, 2035 (9/6/2035) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:20 am)
Thursday Bhadrapada 5, 2092 (6/5/2092)
August 2036
Bhadrapada 2093
delete iconadd icon5808 days until Paryushana
Tuesday August 26, 2036 (8/26/2036) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:04 am)
Tuesday Bhadrapada 5, 2093 (6/5/2093)
September 2037
Bhadrapada 2094
delete iconadd icon6192 days until Paryushana
Monday September 14, 2037 (9/14/2037) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:34 am)
Monday Bhadrapada 5, 2094 (6/5/2094)
September 2038
Bhadrapada 2095
delete iconadd icon6547 days until Paryushana
Saturday September 4, 2038 (9/4/2038) at Sunrise Sunrise icon ( 1:17 am)
Saturday Bhadrapada 6, 2095 (6/6/2095)

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