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Apricomens 杏月 year 44, cycle 78
April 2027
delete iconadd icon2225 days until the Qingming Festival
Ding-wei (羊 Sheep)年, Apricomens 杏月, 29日 (星期一) (
Monday April 5, 2027 (4/5/2027)
Method: Primens 正月 1st on Chinese calendar
Notes: [1st day of the 5th solar term]
(104/105 days after the December Solstice)
(April 4th or 5th)
Length: 1 day
Period: 1 year

The Qingming Festival (simplified Chinese: 清明节; traditional Chinese: 清明節; pinyin: Qīngmíng Jié; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chheng-bêng-cheh or Chhiⁿ-miâ-choeh, Ching Ming Festival in Hong Kong, Vietnamese: Tết Thanh Minh), Pure Brightness Festival or Clear Bright Festival, Ancestors Day or Tomb Sweeping Day is a traditional Chinese festival on the 104th day after the winter solstice (or the 15th day from the Spring Equinox), usually occurring around April 5 of the Gregorian calendar (see Chinese calendar). Astronomically it is also a solar term (See Qingming). The Qingming festival falls on the first day of the fifth solar term, named Qingming. Its name denotes a time for people to go outside and enjoy the greenery of springtime (踏青 Tàqīng, "treading on the greenery") and tend to the graves of departed ones.

Qingming has been regularly observed as a statutory public holiday in Taiwan and in the Chinese jurisdictions of Hong Kong and Macau. Its observance was reinstated as a nation wide public holiday in mainland China in 2008.

Peacimens 桃月 year 45, cycle 78
April 2028
delete iconadd icon2590 days until the Qingming Festival
Wu-shen (猴 Monkey)年, Peacimens 桃月, 10日 (星期二) (
Tuesday April 4, 2028 (4/4/2028)
Apricomens 杏月 year 46, cycle 78
April 2029
delete iconadd icon2955 days until the Qingming Festival
Ji-you (雞 Fowl)年, Apricomens 杏月, 21日 (星期三) (
Wednesday April 4, 2029 (4/4/2029)
Peacimens 桃月 year 47, cycle 78
April 2030
delete iconadd icon3321 days until the Qingming Festival
Geng-xu (狗 Dog)年, Peacimens 桃月, 3日 (星期五) (
Friday April 5, 2030 (4/5/2030)
Peacimens 桃月 year 48, cycle 78
April 2031
delete iconadd icon3686 days until the Qingming Festival
Xin-hai (豬 Pig)年, Peacimens 桃月, 14日 (星期六) (
Saturday April 5, 2031 (4/5/2031)
Apricomens 杏月 year 49, cycle 78
April 2032
delete iconadd icon4051 days until the Qingming Festival
Ren-zi (鼠 Rat)年, Apricomens 杏月, 24日 (星期日) (
Sunday April 4, 2032 (4/4/2032)
Peacimens 桃月 year 50, cycle 78
April 2033
delete iconadd icon4416 days until the Qingming Festival
Gui-chou (牛 Ox)年, Peacimens 桃月, 5日 (星期一) (
Monday April 4, 2033 (4/4/2033)
Apricomens 杏月 year 51, cycle 78
April 2034
delete iconadd icon4782 days until the Qingming Festival
Jia-yin (虎 Tiger)年, Apricomens 杏月, 17日 (星期三) (
Wednesday April 5, 2034 (4/5/2034)
Apricomens 杏月 year 52, cycle 78
April 2035
delete iconadd icon5147 days until the Qingming Festival
Yi-mao (兔 Hare)年, Apricomens 杏月, 27日 (星期四) (
Thursday April 5, 2035 (4/5/2035)
Peacimens 桃月 year 53, cycle 78
April 2036
delete iconadd icon5512 days until the Qingming Festival
Bing-chen (龍 Dragon)年, Peacimens 桃月, 8日 (星期五) (
Friday April 4, 2036 (4/4/2036)

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