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Latitude: 51.508333
Longitude: -0.125278
Time Zone: America-US/New_York
November 2020
Friday November 20, 2020 (11/20/2020)
Method: November 20th on Gregorian calendar
Length: 1 day
Period: 1 year

This day commemorates the Mexican Revolution which started on November 20, 1910 when Francisco I. Madero planned an uprising against dictator Porfirio Díaz's 31-year-long iron rule. Article 74 of the Mexican labor law (Ley Federal del Trabajo) provides that the third Monday of November (regardless the date) will be an official holiday in Mexico. This was a modification of the law made in 2005, effective since 2006; before then, it was November 20 regardless of the day, and all schools gave extended holidays if the day was a Tuesday or Thursday. Although November 20 is the official day, the uprising started on different days in different parts of the country.

November 2021
Saturday November 20, 2021 (11/20/2021)
November 2022
Sunday November 20, 2022 (11/20/2022)
November 2023
delete iconadd icon1148 days until Revolution Day (Mexico)
Monday November 20, 2023 (11/20/2023)
November 2024
delete iconadd icon1514 days until Revolution Day (Mexico)
Wednesday November 20, 2024 (11/20/2024)
November 2025
delete iconadd icon1879 days until Revolution Day (Mexico)
Thursday November 20, 2025 (11/20/2025)
November 2026
delete iconadd icon2244 days until Revolution Day (Mexico)
Friday November 20, 2026 (11/20/2026)
November 2027
delete iconadd icon2609 days until Revolution Day (Mexico)
Saturday November 20, 2027 (11/20/2027)
November 2028
delete iconadd icon2975 days until Revolution Day (Mexico)
Monday November 20, 2028 (11/20/2028)
November 2029
delete iconadd icon3340 days until Revolution Day (Mexico)
Tuesday November 20, 2029 (11/20/2029)

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