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Latitude: 51.508333
Longitude: -0.125278
Time Zone: America-US/New_York
August 2022
Monday August 15, 2022 (8/15/2022)
Method: August 15th on Gregorian calendar
Notes: [???]
Length: 1 day
Period: 1 year

The Ekka is the annual agricultural show of Queensland, Australia. Its formal title is the Royal Queensland Show. It was originally called the Brisbane Exhibition, however it is usually shortened to Ekka.

The first show, held between 22-26 August 1876 attracted 17,000 visitors.[1] The show was a spin-off from the famous International Exhibitions being held in Britain and worldwide dating from the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851. During a time when the Ekka was still young, the main purpose of the agricultural show, as its name suggests, was to show off many agricultural and industrial exhibits. It was a chance for people to show off newly invented agricultural and industrial devices such as ultra modern plowing, sowing and harvesting artifacts. Cattle and other farm animals were also exhibited during the show, a practice that remains to this day, the animal nursery is still a place for children and adults alike to go and witness all the baby animals in all their glory. Since its opening, the show has only been cancelled twice, in 1919 throughout the time of the Spanish flu pandemic, during this time, the grounds were employed as temporary hospital wards for the sick, and in 1942, due to World War II.

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